Val di Lima

Val di Lima

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The Val di Lima is a is a fairytale region, which a few know, but extremely rich in culture and natural beauties, and where people do still leave a genuine life within their little, ancient communities.

It is located at the border with the Apuan Alps, half way between the town of Lucca and the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines

Here the Lima River winds its way through impressive rocky gorges and creates extraordinary waterfalls, rapids, canyons and emerald pools .

Beautiful hills clothed with lush chestnut groves alternate to clearings and impervious mountain slopes, punched by a collection of ancient villages, unconquerable fortresses and evocative churches from the middle-ages.

Uncountable paths and mule trails invite visitors to immerse themselves into the unspoiled Nature, at the discovery of the wild habitats of rare animals and flora species, such as the Golden Eagle, Deer, Foxes ,or autochthonous plants and flowers of unique beauty.

The close Apuan Alps treasures impressive caves where water has shaped a fantastic underground world.

The Val Di Lima has for centuries been known also for its curative thermal waters. Byron, Shelley, Browning, Puccini stayed in Bagni di Lucca, the chief Town of the valley, to use the spas, and Napoleon’s sister Elisa made of the town her summer residence.

Visitors  can enjoy the health benefits from these waters, rich in sulfur, bicarbonate and calcium, at the Bagni di Lucca wellness centre, which boasts a wide range of spa treatments, a thermal pool and two thermal caves.

In 1839 Bagni di Lucca  welcomed the opening of the first Italian Casinos, also one of the oldest in Europe, which attracted nobles and wealthy classes from all over Europe for over one century, until the national banning of gambling in 1959. Today the art-deco saloons of the beautiful palace host the tables of a prestigious restaurant, and are the seat of occasional events.

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Rafting experience and flavors of the Lima Valley

Rafting experience and flavors of the Lima Valley

Val di Lima, Garfagnana
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Enjoy a soft rafting tour through the beautiful Lima Valley. Feel the positive adrenaline rush while More info

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