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The popular belltower, that started to lean already during its construction earning the fortune and fame of Pisa, is too often considered the only sight worth seeing in town.

Wonder of wonders, the 56m-high monument is just one of the four religious buildings that make the Piazza dei Miracoli one of the most amazing architectural gems in the world, and guess what? They are all leaning!

The imposing Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption is a true masterpiece and boasts numerous artworks, among which the famous pulpit by Giovanni Pisano. Opposite the Cathedral is the round-shaped Baptistery with its dome offering stunning acoustic (a guardian regularly comes in and shouts a few sounds –  the notes sung last so long!). To the northern edge of the Piazza, the Camposanto Monumentale, historical cemetery where noble citizens are buried,  frames the scenery.

Beyond the world-famous square there’s a town that only a few take the time to explore, but has indeed plenty to offer. The Renaissance-style Piazza dei Cavalieri, the “Borgo Stretto”, the Arno’s banks lined with noble palaces, museums and monuments bearing witness to the High Middle Ages, when the city grew into a very important commercial and naval center becoming one of the four Maritime Republics, together with Venice, Amalfi and Genova.

Its bustling university center and the main shopping streets with elegant shops, exquisite pasticcerias  and cafés give the town a lively atmosphere to be enjoyed all year round.



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