Simona Polli

About me
Unweary traveller, I’m deeply affectionate to my land – Lunigiana, and dedicated to promote responsible tourism as mean of self-growth as well as sustainable development of a destination.
To me every day is a new adventure, starting from my home place. In fact, travelling the world I’ve learnt that you don’t need to look far as often the most surprisingly discoveries are at your doorstep.
My job
During 8 years in the tourism and travel industry both nationwide and abroad, I’ve gained deep knowledge of hospitality, tour organisation and destination marketing. My role at Versiliana Viaggi is to boast the responsible and outdoor travel to untrodden regions of Tuscany and beyond, drawing people to discover secret places and experiences, just as I love doing when I travel myself.
My passions
Have I said travelling yet? 🙂 Reading from thriller to historical books, cooking (and eating) both traditional Italian and ethnic food, bellydancing.
Distinctive signs
Contagious smile, endless energy and curiosity for different cultures and traditions.
Preferred quote
“Travel far enough, you meet yourself” – David Mitchell