Fernando Landucci

I’m Fernando, Elena’s husband and the only man in the company. Lucky me you may think!
My role is monitoring purchases and office technologies.
In 2011 I set off a Vespa scooter department within the company, which I’m passionately managing since then.
In the office I’m surrounded by unpredictable volcanic women, and when it becomes too much for me I suddenly happen to have to deliver a Vespa somewhere…
I travelled a lot especially to Middle and Far West countries, as well as Indonesian Isles.
I’m passionate about kitchen, skiing, music and fond of my Gibson Les Paul Deluxe electric guitar from the 80s, which I cannot resist to play nearly every evening.
I do not miss any occasion for the ritual Friday’s Aperitif with my best friends inflamed by politic talks, nor to enjoy winter breaks on ski pistes with my son Alessandro.
Besides the mountainous chains of Northern Italy, Tuscany too has a hidden wealth of Ski resorts. Did you know that?
“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up” – Osho.