Elena Pierotti

About me
Since I was a teenager my parents dreamed of my future as a bank clerk with a saf job and a permanent salary, but that did not work out for me. They had to give up to my choice of studying foreign languages instead of economics and saw me taking the path of tourism.
After travelling across Europe, I spent more than a decade within the hotel industry, inbound Tour operator companies and guiding foreign groups. These three types of experience have resulted to be strategic for my next steps in the travel business, where good negotiation skills, organizational capability and the attitude towards people are at the base of any action.
My Job
In 1996, even though I was a young mother of two little sons (and a cat & dog), I decided to go after the big challenge of my life and founded Versiliana Viaggi.
I conceived my company as “home”, relentlessly striving to maintain it on a human scale and focusing on building a team of close-knit skilful people committed to quality work, rather than quantity.
I handle my job with energy and enthusiasm, driven by an irresistible attraction for new challenges.
My passions
I’m passionate of Jazz music and good kitchen (eating more than cooking!) and I enjoy spending my free time on long walks together with Jazz and Giahr, my two lovable dogs.
Distinctive signs
Like every true Tuscan, I don’t disregard a good dose of daily humor seasoned with a touch of self-irony.
Preferred quote
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller