Our Company


Thank you for your interest in a company born out of the determination to win a challenge – to create an inbound Tuscany travel company that has the individual as its core and unique experiences with an unconventional insight to Tuscany as a mission.

With over two decades of experience, Versiliana Viaggi is a fully licensed inbound tour operator with a energetic team of professionals, offering quality travel services together with a fresh way to discover Tuscany.

We’ve been on a epic ride ever since, challenged by the constantly-changing travel trends and new customer exigencies, which we have been facing thanks to our engagement and creative job vision.

Our passion is what propels us to work harder every day designing innovative projects. The latest one converged into our new brand THAT’S TUSCANY –  synonym of our commitment to authenticity, lifestyle, as well as a more responsible way of travelling for our customers.

Born in 1996, we are currently celebrating our 22nd year of business as a specialized inbound Tuscany Tour Operator, and boast established relationships with major international tour operators.

From the Tuscan Riviera to the countryside, art cities, ancient villages or off-the-beaten path destinations, we offer a range of unique tailor-made itineraries and activities, as well as a selection of accommodations of different categories up to different exigencies.

Contact us for any specific request. We will be delighted to help you digging deeper into the beauties or hidden treasures of Tuscany.

Our Tuscany by Tuscans

Have you ever noticed that each and every time you travel something in your life changes? – Well, we have!

For us it is not just about providing an experience which starts and ends within a set period because a journey is something which will forever be a part of you and will last when you get back home.

Whatever you see, taste, touch, smell, hear or feel while traveling will of course enrich your life, but it’s by relating with the people you meet on your trip that your perception of the world can really change.

At Versiliana Viaggi, a closely-knit team of Tuscan women works every day to go that extra mile to design experiences – whether they be classic, unconventional or off the beaten track – focused on authenticity, lifestyle and a deep attachment to the territory.

In 22 years of both professional and passionate work, we’ve learned that one of the values most appreciated in our job comes from us being locals and from the joy we feel in showing you our homeland as we would do with our closest friends.

That’s how we feel about our job – that’s how we’d like you to live our Land –  That’s Tuscany!


Our favorite quote is:

Traveling is like falling in love, the world is made new. . (Jan Myrdal)